June 01, 2010  - Living Blues Magazine

"This is zydeco for the 21st century musical palette."


June 01, 2010  - Living Blues Magazine

"This is zydeco for the 21st century musical palette."


- Living Blues Magazine

"blazingly refreshing and expertly played"


 - Offbeat Magazine

"zydeco's consummate party host"


 - San Antonio Current

""Carrier is one of (zydeco's) more irrepressible ambassadors.""

- St. Louis Post Dispatch


- The Post and Courier

"zydeco that grabs people"


 - The Advertiser



 - Kingsport Times-News

"explosive funky brand of zydeco"


 - STLBlues

"contageous party sound"


 - Music Mag

"one of zydeco's most invigorating original performers."


 - Bucks County Courier Times

"passionate, relentlessly upbeat, infectious brand of zydeco"


 - Springfield Newsleader

"Chubby Carrier's brand of stew is designed to tickle the eardrums and kick up the feet"


 - North Liberty Ragbai

"He (Carrier) brings a party, he invites you into it and he hopes you have a good time"


 - Lake Sun

"charisma and energy"


 - Sentinel Tribune

"Musical Exuberance"


 - The Capital Journal

"unbridled enthusiasm"


 - The Morning News

"high energy dance party"


 - News-Sun

"Cut Chubby Carrier and he bleeds glossy metallic shades of purple, green and gold."


 - Toledo Free Press

"upbeat and fun"


 - St. Louis Best Bets

"When it comes to the Louisiana music called Zydeco, there is no musician with a better pedigre than Chubby Carrier."


 - LJ World

"sound as spicy as a pot of jambalaya and as sweet as a strawberry beignet"


 - Northwest Arkansas Times

""zesty Creole concoction of rock, soul, gospel and R&B""


 - http://www.ehtiozydeco.com

"Chubby Carrier and the Bayou Swamp Band truly orchestrate the best stage show of any zydeco band in the land"


 - Kansas City Blues News

"Wow, what a party!"


 - The Current

"If you have the slightest amount or warm blood running through your veins then your heart has gotta start thumping a little harder and your feet has gotta start moving a bit faster when you hear those crazy rhythms" 


 - The Gleaner

"a festival favorite"


 - Virgin Islands Daily News

"concert goer kick up a storm dancing"


 - Free Weekly

"no one is left sitting in their chairs"